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Bellamy and Clarke are meant to be but are going to be one very painful OTP.

They’re the best !!
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How to identify the boys of The 100
  • Bellamy: Everybody's favourite bad boy who isn't really a bad boy at all. Bellamy is the only non-Criminal on Earth, he is the guy who thinks of himself as a King. King Bellamy. He's not a killer, though he'd like people to think so, his Brave Princess Clarke is the only person who truly knows him. Bellamy can be found protecting Octavia, his sister. Bellamy makes wise choices, such as giving knifes to little crazy girls.
  • Finn: Finn, Finn, Finn. He's the reckless one who likes to go on walks in the jungle alone, as the Grounders wouldn't dare hurt Finn as his awesomeness repels them. Finn was arrested for enjoying an unauthorized space walk, which wasted a month supply of oxygen. Finn has hair a L'Oreal model would be envious of, but Finn's worth it. Finn is a great finder, no doubt he's a Hufflepuff, he can make pencils appear out of thin air for Princess Clarke and he often stumbles on hidden bunkers with a bed so he can sleep with Clarke.
  • Jasper: The Puppy of the fandom. Jasper is easy to tell apart from the others, because of the giant spear impaling his chest. Jasper (Pre Spear) seems to be high on a sugar rush and has a special gift of making the whole fandom fall in love with him. Jasper (Post-Spear) is a nervous wreck, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and won't even leave the camp incase the Grounders get him again. Jasper can often be seen getting speared, getting punched, having communication devices blow up in his face and almost crying in the corner, until Octavia comes to kiss it all away. Jasper was personally saved by Princess Clarke.
  • Monty: Monty is the only boy so far not to get any personal attention by Princess Clarke, this could be because 1, he hasn't had that much screen time or 2, Princess Clarke is too busy with her other boys. Monty can be seen doing technical things inside the shuttle or holding Jasper's hand as he and Jasper have a bromance. It is believed Monty got arrested for stealing "Plants"
  • Wells: Wells is the one who wants to be Princess Clarke's friend over a betrayal he didn't even do. Wells was looking to be a great character until he got killed because King Bellamy thought it was smart to give a girl a knife. Silly Bellamy. Evil girl. Poor Wells.
  • Murthy: He is a Slinthead. We don't know why he was arrested but the possibilities are endless. He has a face like a slapped bottom and he can often be seen peeing on people... How lovely. Thankfully King Bellamy banished him! Murthy can be found hanging from trees because Princess Clarke thought he killed Wells. If not in a tree, Murthy can be found where all banished souls go, but we haven't found that out yet.
  • Atom: Atom is often mistakenly called Adam, so if you know somebody in The 100 called Adam, it's Atom. Atom was Octavia's love interest, but King Bellamy decided he wasn't good enough, as King Bellamy ships Octavia with Jasper, like the rest of us. One day the Gamemakers from Hunger Games let the Killer Fog free and it got poor Atom and burned him up. Atom begged King Bellamy to kill him, but King Bellamy is not a killer, so Brave Princess Clarke did the deed herself. Atom can be found in the ground or in Octavia's heart.
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bellamy has a crush on clarke pass it on

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